Collezione: Teethers

It is well known that babies are in the micturition stage from birth to one year old. If a child's micturition period is not satisfied, the "micturition period" will be prolonged excessively. It can also cause the child to eat hands and nails even after the micturition period, and in some cases, to bite. In the absence of danger, parents should not interfere with the development of the baby's micturition period, but simply provide the baby with objects to bite. Cleaning is sufficient, no need to sterilize.

Generally, parents have a teether for their baby. It can relieve the discomfort caused by teething and help the baby exercise chewing and biting action. However, there are so many baby teether products on the market, what is the quality? Is it safe and hygienic? How should parents choose?

Well, you are in the right place.