You must be familiar with this scene, right? --- A newborn baby suddenly shakes his whole body in his sleep, jerking like a convulsion, and flinging his arms, as if he suddenly received some great stimulus. At the same time this startling often interrupts the quiet sleep, followed by a loud cry of being frightened. Boom, they’re awake. Well, that’s startle reflex.

What is startle reflex?

The startle reflex, also known as the "Moro reflex," is one of the primitive reflexes. When the parent lifts the baby's hand upward, the baby will act like a hugger, a primitive reflex that usually disappears by 6 months of age. When the Moro reflex appears in a newborn, it means that the brachial nerve, brain nerve, and muscle tissue are normal.

But, this startle reflex seems harmless for babies, it’s a headache for parents. As newborns cannot fully control their arms and legs, they are prone to startle reflex due to body shaking and wake up from sleep. It is recommended that before the baby's startle reflex disappears, a swaddle can be used to wrap his body, which will make him sleep more peacefully and feel more secure, just like in his mother's womb.

However, for some babies, they still enjoy the pleasure and security of being wrapped after the startle reflex has worn off. But as babies develop, they master more and more skills. They roll over, become masters of escape, master the art of escaping swaddling. Or worse, they begin to roll over in their swaddling blankets, which poses a safety risk that some infants simply cannot handle without swaddling.

Here are a few things you can do:

l Action: The adult leans over and puts the baby into bed, the order of putting down is: feet - buttocks - waist and back - head. In the process of putting down, pull out the hands to gently press the baby's arms, face against the baby's face, and observe whether the baby is awakened, everything is normal, and then gently and slowly leave. Timing: The sleep cycle of small babies is different from that of adults, alternating between deep and light sleep, and for a shorter period of time. When the baby is put down, if it happens to be a light sleep state, it is easy to wake up, if it happens to be a deep sleep state, it is not easy to wake up.

l Create a sense of security for your baby. For example, swaddling or using a sleeping bag, to create a "wrapped" warm environment for your baby. Remember: don’t wrap too tight avoid risky of f hip dysplasia and shoulder joint displacement. You can also listen to white noise when you put your baby to sleep.

l Lying down with your baby to feed him. If you have not slept a good night's sleep for several days. It's really desperate. A few occasional laying down to nurse to sleep will not cause habitual problems. Give yourself a little break, and while your baby falls asleep at the breast, you can take a nap together. No need to pat or shush.

l Use a transitional sleeping bag. Let baby from the first day of life from the security of the full body wrap to the freedom to extend the arms seamlessly.

What makes our sleeping bags different?

Adjustable Swaddle is a totally enclosed sleep suit designed to allow your baby to move their arms freely while still providing an enclosed, secure feeling that they enjoy. The TRANSITION sleeping bag are the perfect solution for newborns, rollers, and Houdini babies because the adjustable transitions. When you need to swaddling as arms in, arms free movement or little crawlers, toddlers, the sleepsuits is absolutely meet babies development requirements. It allows baby to sleep in their most comfortable and natural sleeping position.

This transition swaddle can be used in 3 different ways for different levels of growth for 0-12-month old babies. Swaddle wrap arms for the newborn(0-3 months), one or both arms out for 4-6 months babies(when baby showing the signal of rolling), arms and foots out for new walker(6-12 months).


  • Buttom-up zip for easy diaper change
  • Roomy sack design provides plenty of space for rambunctious baby kicks

In addition to helping your baby sleep safer, the BABY SLEEP BETTER Swaddles helps baby sleep better, too. 

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