Collection: Sleeping Bags

Baby Toddler Children Sleeping Bags By TOG Rating is based on the parenting experience of a hundred mothers, a detailed analysis of the different needs of baby sleeping clothes. We have a variety of sleeping bags for different environments and different children on the site.
Including newborns suitable for startle reflex sleeping bag. Arms up swaddle.
There are also suitable for crawling period, toddler babies to facilitate the activities of the split-legged sleeping bag.
According to TOG classification, thicknesses that are 0.2/0.3TOG, 1.0TOG, 1.0TOG, 2.5TOG, 3.5 sleeping bags. TOGs correspond to different temperatures in spring, summer, autumn and winter, which determines their thickness and how warm they will keep your child. Generally, the higher the tog (weight), the warmer the sleeping bag.
We even take into account the need to keep the baby's feet warm in colder regions with higher dimensionality and chilly winters. Let the baby sleep well overnight, parents also sleep better.