Shocking results of baby teether reviews. Buying the wrong one is hurting your baby.

Shocking results of baby teether reviews. Buying the wrong one is hurting your baby.

---2021 Teether Blacklist Top7 and Whitelist Top5 

It is well known that babies are in the micturition stage from birth to one year old. If a child's micturition period is not satisfied, the "micturition period" will be prolonged excessively. It can also cause the child to eat hands and nails even after the micturition period, and in some cases, to bite. In the absence of danger, parents should not interfere with the development of the baby's micturition period, but simply provide the baby with objects to bite. Cleaning is sufficient, no need to sterilize.

Generally, parents have a teether for their baby. It can relieve the discomfort caused by teething and help the baby exercise chewing and biting action. However, there are so many baby teether products on the market, what is the quality? Is it safe and hygienic? How should parents choose?

In this article, through the A mechanical physical test, B bite and tear durability test, C puncture resistance test, D sample integrity test, E chemical performance test, F microbial 6 aspects of the test finally give the results.

After reading this article you will be clear.

Part1. Blacklist of Teethers, are you stepping on the bomb? (out of 10 points)

1 Enssu Set3 Score 7.1

2 Ange Big Banana Score 7.2

3 America Baby Banana Score 7.7

4 Sophie La Giraffe Gift Box Score 8.8

5 Marcus&Marcus Tactile Dental Teether Score 8.8

6 Matchstick Monkey Score 8.8

7 Xido Bear Paw Score 8.8

See the chart for details.

Due to space limitations, the details of the test will not be repeated in this article. If you need more information, you can write to me ( for the original article.

Part2. Recommended Teethers 2021

Without going into the common reasons for the recommendation, we will mainly talk about the unique features of the recommended teether. Of course, all the recommended teether is safe. Comply with pacifier production standards.

1 Disney Mickey one-piece 2-in-1 ring silicone teether

Key Features

  • Double handle. One-piece arm molding, left and right-hand dual grip easily.
  • Inlet safety depth of 2cm. Anti-swallowing, anti-dry heaving.
  • Super soft and tear-resistant. Protects oral mucosa and dental bed.
  • High temperature is resistant to 180 degrees.
  • Balance your center of gravity so it doesn't touch the table directly.

See what moms sayThe packaging is very delicate, the quality of goods is very good. Baby workmanship is relatively fine.

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2 Gene Ball Silicone Teether

Key Features

  • The teething ball is easy for little hands to grasp and hold.
  • Multi-use as a pacifier holder.
  • It relieves the pressure during teething and reduces the baby's irritability.
  • Stand the violent tearing.
  • One-piece molding to prevent small parts from being accidentally swallowed.
  • The structure design allows the baby to suck and bite without any suffocation, regurgitation.

See what moms say: Product as described. Great teether for a 4month old. Easy to hold in grasp and bring to mouth or move and play in hands.  

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3 3D Horse Baby Silicone Teether

Key Features

  • Rich particles, three nibbling points, to meet different nibbling needs.
  • Inlet safety depth of less than 3cm. Anti-swallowing, anti-dry heaving.
  • Soft and hard to stimulate the eruption of milk teeth.
  • One-piece molding to prevent small parts from being accidentally swallowed.
  • No buckle overhand design, the baby hold more stable. More humane.
  • Portable and weight light can be held for a longer time.

See what moms sayRecommended, this is wonderful, good-looking, and good to use. My baby bought a lot of teethers, he did not want. On this love, from the beginning to him, has been placed in the mouth.

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4 Mushroom Silicone Baby Teether 

Key Features

  • Multiple nibble points.
  • Hollow on the left for 0-3 months babies to replace pacifier.
  • Solid on the right for 3-6 months babies instead of thumbs.
  • Multi-use for transform into a snack cup.
  • Safe size preventing potential choking.
  • Tension tested and bite tested, safe to use.

See what moms say: Very cool teether. I originally with Mombella. But this is a little bigger and has a longer adjustable feet. Easier to grip baby. Very I like recommended!

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5 Classic Silicone Baby Fruit Tree Teether 4 PCs

Key Features

  • A variety of textures for little mouths to explore.
  • Soft bumps and nubs soothe the baby's sore gums.
  • Flexible tentacles are perfect for little hands and binkie straps.
  • Soft smooth edges.
  • Both sections are firmly and safely connected. 

See what moms say: I bought these for my baby, knowing she was about to start teething. It was great timing because she has been drooling like crazy, and she loves these. The different textures and colors keep her attention, and they are just the right size and shape for her little hands to hold. The silicone is safe for her and easy to keep clean. I am including pictures of the bottom of the boys because everyone who picks them up for her seems to think they will have suction cups on the bottom, but they don't stick to any surfaces. They will stand upright but are intended for the baby to hold and manipulate, and they do that perfectly.

Consumer Tips


Previous survey data shows that more than half of the consumers are concerned about the softness of the dental gel. Generally speaking, silicone, latex, and thermoplastic elastomer will be relatively soft, while thermoplastic is harder. Consumers can refer to the material of the product or squeeze it with their hands to feel the softness of the goods when they are shopping.


Before use, be sure to carefully read the product instructions or warnings and other information, and follow the instructions for disinfection or cleaning of the product, and properly retain the instructions for backup. Generally speaking, silicone gum can be disinfected or cleaned with boiling water, while rubber, thermoplastic elastomer or thermoplastic is not suitable for disinfection at high temperature and can be cleaned with water.


Select the age-appropriate teether strictly according to the age of the child, such as labeled "for babies over 6 months old", please do not use it for babies under 6 months old.


To ensure safety and hygiene needs, each time before using the teether should be cleaned, and should be carefully checked, especially when the child has teeth, when the teether first appears damaged or defective, please stop using immediately.


Teether products must be removed from their packaging by an adult before they can be used by children. Please do not allow children to play with the packaging part of the product to avoid unnecessary hazards. Teether must be used under the direct supervision of an adult.


Do not place the teether in the freezer of the refrigerator to prevent it from becoming too hard and hurting the child.


Do not tie straps or strings to the teether to avoid entanglement and suffocation of the child.

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