15 sleep myths about babies, have you been tricked?(3/3)

15 sleep myths about babies, have you been tricked?(3/3)

Today this is the last of the baby sleep misconceptions, these are the first two reading links,

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Getting out of these misconceptions is the only way to give your baby a full night's sleep. I also conclude this article with a summary of the public opinion pressure you may face in giving your baby a regular routine and sleep guidance.

Myth 15: The root cause of some problems with sleep is not necessarily in the sleep!

What's true is, This is all about the importance of a regular routine! Let's start with dividing your child's daytime time into a block-by-block cycle. We divide the child's daytime time into a piece-by-piece cycle, then cut it into three modules of eating, playing and sleeping. Start with the general direction, adjusting to fix the length interval of each cycle, and work on the details in individual modules.

A regular routine can help you make the right prediction about your child's needs at different points in time. The child will also get a stable living environment and rhythm, establish a normal biological clock, and become more emotionally stable because of the regular routine.

When your child is comfortable, rhythmic, and emotionally stable. Then you can zoom in and find out where the problems are in each area. You will find that many of the problems that existed before will be solved once you have rationalized your routine. The rest of the problems are very easy to solve. 

For example, changing the way that you put your child to bed, continuing sleep and combined sleep developing a habit. You will find it much easier to do some sleep guidance when your child's routine is regular, you can accurately determine your child's needs, and your child is in good shape and emotionally stable.

Sleep guidance is the icing on the cake for a regular routine!

Remember, always do regular routine first!

Don't sleep-train your child with crying in the first two or three weeks!

Be aware of the public pressure ahead of time.

When you are ready to start a regular routine and sleep guidance, the biggest difficulty you will face is not with your child, but within yourself. You will be subjected to constant self-questioning, attacks from others, and even misinterpretation of your child's cries, wandering and fearfulness.

Remember the saying: There are no children who don't want to sleep well in bed, only parents who don't want to put their children to sleep well in bed! 

Here to make it less easy for you to waver, let me help you preview the public pressure you will encounter.

"If the child is sleepy, he or she will sleep, what is the point of all that mess?"

"The child's spirit is fine. I see that he is not sleepy, there is no intention to sleep at all."

"Let nature take its course, the child will be fine when he is older, it is useless to do more."

"We all get through this, when the child is older, it will be fine." 

"What you do is useless, the child is good to bring that is because the child grows up."

"The child does not want to sleep, so why force him?"

"Children sleep too much during the day, they do not sleep at night, so do not sleep during the day, wait for the night."

"Some children sleep more, some children sleep less, you can not control."

"The child cried and rushed to hold the feeding. You are too cruel not to hold or feed!"

"You train your children so much, but you are cruel and selfish, trying to be lazy! Only want to make their own easy, do not love the child, really feel for you your child" 

"The child is to hold it. You do not hold the child, the child's lack of security, grow up with mental illness!"

"Believe all the books is better than no books. Don't listen to the book nonsense!"

"It feels like your child is an angel, but that's just your luck to have an angel baby."

"If you think training your child is something to brag about, isn't it just getting in the way of your sleep? For your child's sake, you should adjust your own routine to match your child's!"

How about, after listening to these comments, do you want to just close the book and turn away?

Don't be afraid, these are the many successful mothers in our mom support group who have received attacks on their regular routine and sleep guidance process. 

The list is to let you know: you do not need to pay attention to these remarks. There are always people who stand on the moral high ground with their ignorance and try to pressure you to influence your practices. They see your child becoming well brought up and say sarcastic things out of jealousy to make you feel uneasy. These people's words are worthless!

You are the mother of your child. You are the only one who really knows him and is responsible for him, trusting and sticking to your choices.

When your child is better, you certainly get credit here for being a parent who really knows how to love your child rationally.

Hopefully these 15 sleep myths, and shielding yourself from the pressure of public opinion, will help both you and your child find a quality night's sleep!


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