Baby sleep problems checklist - 50 checkpoints

Baby sleep problems checklist - 50 checkpoints

Baby's sleep problems can be the biggest headache for mothers. There are many causes of sleep problems such as constant night waking and short naps. Many mothers say it's hard to determine what causes their babies to sleep poorly. Today I've come up with a checklist of baby sleep problems. If your baby has sleep problems, then you can sort out along the following lines. I hope it will help moms, remember to collect and forward it for easy viewing at any time.


  1. Is there any noise during daytime sleep? Is the amount of noise too much?
  2. Is there any noise during nighttime sleep? Is the amount of noise too much?
  3. Is there any light during daytime sleep? Is the light appropriate?
  4. Is there light during nighttime sleep? Does it cause disturbance?
  5. Has the baby been constipated lately?
  6. Has the baby had diarrhea recently?
  7. Does the baby have colic?
  8. Does the baby have flatulence?
  9. Does the baby have any allergic reaction?
  10. Does your baby have eczema?
  11. Does your baby have fever, cold, otitis media, cough, etc.?
  12. Does your baby have vomiting?
  13. Does the baby cry at a fixed time every day?
  14. Is the baby in a period of rapid growth?
  15. Is the baby in the brain leap period?
  16. Is the baby teething?
  17. Has your baby recently been in a period of gross motor development such as rolling over, crawling, sitting and standing?
  18. is the baby underweight?
  19. was the baby born prematurely?
  20. Does the baby fall asleep at the same place when he/she is put to sleep and when he/she wakes up crying?
  21. Is the baby wearing a comfortable diaper? (Are there any leaks, red bottoms, bumps, wet and cold bottoms?)
  22. Is there too much clutter in the baby's bed?
  23. Is there any risk of suffocation in the baby's bed?
  24. Is the room temperature and humidity appropriate?
  25. Has the baby received any recent vaccinations?
  26. Has the baby's caregiver changed recently?
  27. Has the baby been scared recently?
  28. Are there any special circumstances in the family recently, such as moving, going out, or visitors?
  29. Is the baby getting enough sleep?
  30. Is the baby getting enough exercise during the waking hours?
  31. Has your baby been stimulated by excessive excitement before bedtime?
  32. Does the baby have a stable bedtime ritual before going to sleep?
  33. Is the length of the bedtime ritual sufficient to calm the baby down?
  34. How many times does your baby wake up during the night?
  35. How does your baby behave each time he wakes up?
  36. Does the baby wake up hungry every time?
  37. How many times is it habitual night waking?
  38. Is the baby still being soothed with breastfeeding to fall asleep again after habitual night waking?
  39. Are parents too sensitive to interfere with the baby's sleep too early?

(The child wakes up in the middle of the night and rolls over and cries, i.e. immediately rushes to pick him up or immediately intervenes with breastfeeding)

  1. Is the length of daytime naps too short? Does the child insist on receiving sleep?
  2. Is the length of daytime naps too long? Does the baby wake up?
  3. Does the baby have a day-night sleep disruption?
  4. Are your expectations of your baby's sleep too high?
  5. Are you anxious yourself?
  6. Do you get enough sleep yourself?
  7. Did you ask your husband (or family) to help you with the baby while you relax and rest by yourself?
  8. Do you stay calm when your child cries and analyze the cause?
  9. Do you manage your emotions and channel them?
  10. Do you keep track of your child's daily routine and analyze the characteristics of the expressed needs?
  11. Do you have goals and plans for solving problems that arise?





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