Angle Baby Raising (6) - Growth Spurt

Angle Baby Raising (6) - Growth Spurt

When I first started to give Ethan a regular routine and sleep guidance. Some elders said, "What's the use of doing this? Children are just like cat and dog. It goes back and forth. If you train him well today, he will still cry two days later, it's useless".


I both agree and disagree with these words.




Disagree because who said babies should cry? Babies cry because they don't understand their true needs and meet them.The advantage of a regular routine is that it allows the mother to catch the baby's needs more accurately and meet them in a timely and targeted manner. Then he must be more and more angelic in the general trend. And will change to cry as the only way to raise needs.


The analogy of "cat one day, dog one day, over and over again" to describe the performance of a small baby within one year of age is very apt.


But you can't give up on understanding your baby's real needs and guiding them just because they change over and over again. If you take a chance and try to be lazy, your child's growth will soon tell us how hard it is to make up for this laziness. The only way to know what's going on is to know what's going on, so that you're not wasting your time as a parent.


I sorted out the "cat day, dog day" of the baby's sleep journey.


Today, I will talk about the long term. The next few issues will talk about the sleep regression period, the gross motor development period, the jumping period, the anorexia period, etc. Welcome to stay tuned.




First of all, the growth spurt refers to the fact that the development of infants does not grow at a uniform rate, but will suddenly grow at some specific time. This specific time is the "growth spurt".


The mother and father may have this feeling "how overnight, it feels like the baby suddenly grows much taller, much heavier, clothes become smaller" this feeling is not wrong. In fact, this is the baby has just experienced the fierce period.


There are two times when children develop the fastest.

One is during the little baby period, especially the first year of life. You will find that the newborn baby is only about 50 centimeters, and by the time he is full of 80 centimeters up and down, just one year of growth of nearly 30 centimeters, the speed is not very amazing?


The second point in time is in adolescence. It can be said that puberty is actually a long period of fierce, just a year of work may be a small child will grow into a strong boy!


Speaking of puberty, we are certainly no stranger to it. All are their own personal experience and still remember very clearly. When we are in adolescence, not only is there a huge physical change, and with it a huge psychological change. For example, rebellion, maverick, began to have their own opinions and views, began to be independent, etc., I am sure we can remember their own adolescence.


In fact, if you look backwards, the baby's fierce period and adolescence are similar. And the huge changes that babies go through in the first year. Both physically and psychologically, the frequency and extent are far greater than that of adolescence. So when you put it this way, it should be well understood. What are the causes of irritability, less sleep, larger meals, and crying that babies exhibit during the specific fierce period?


So what are the usual periods of time when the baby's fierce period occurs?


Roughly, they occur at 7 to 10 days, 2 to 3 weeks, 4 to 6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 9 months. Each child is different and there will be some discrepancies before and after, so it will not be completely accurate according to this time. Each prolonged period lasts about 2~7 days.




Manifestations during the fierce phase.

Irritability, crying. Reduced sleep. Easily hungry and feeds all the time. Increased night waking.


Signs after the growth spurt.

The mother will have a bit of a milk rise. --- The demand increases and the supply will gradually follow.

Baby is quiet. Sleeping time becomes longer and weight spikes.


Why is the baby irritable during the surge period? It's actually quite simple. During these days the baby's body secretes hormones rapidly. All the organs are growing like crazy. This feeling is similar to the mother just after the birth of a child body hormone disorder, mood like a roller coaster ride is a reason. If you understand this, when the baby is irritable and crying, the mother is not a lot less psychological pressure. Although the baby will be very irritable for a long time, the mother will also be very tired, but we should still be happy, it means that the baby is growing rapidly!


Why does the baby keep crying for milk? Because the previous amount of milk is no longer enough for the baby's growth. Babies can only eat more to get the amount they need to grow. This is also the golden time to catch up on milk! Some mothers may feel the milk rising after a long period of time because the baby's quantity of food has decreased after the long period of time.





What should a mother do in the face of a growth spurt?

A、Capture baby's surging period by recording baby's weight change.

B、Adjust your mood, calm your face more, don't have stress.

  1. Take the opportunity to stimulate the secretion of milk.
  2. Regular work and rest can be a little more flexible in these days.

E, really can not cope with the occasional hold sleep milk sleep also do not have the psychological pressure.


Recommended tools: electronic scales, APP growth curve

Usefulness: ❤❤❤❤

Recommended reason: For small month-old babies, especially breast-fed babies. It's hard to figure out whether you've eaten enough or not.  With a scale, weighing every day to keep track of the baby's growth.In addition, the first trimester has several long periods. In the first few days of the growth spurt, the little one grows rapidly and is more irritable and prone to crying. Daily weighing of the baby can accurately capture the baby's growth spurt and reasonably cope with the baby's irritability and crying. In addition, the first trimester has several long periods. In the first few days of the fierce period, the little one grows rapidly and is more irritable and prone to crying. Daily weighing of the baby can accurately capture the baby's fierce period and reasonably cope with the baby's irritability and crying. And when it comes to the baby anorexia period, the pro-feeding mother will be more bottomless. This is when the scale shows its usefulness.As long as the baby's weight is steadily increasing, you can not worry about it. You can also track your baby's daily weight change when chasing milk, so you can understand the effect of stimulate the secretion of milk and reduce your mother's stress.  The weight scale can be used with the growth record app to visually see the baby's growth curve and percentage.


In the next issue, we will talk about the developmental period of movement.


The end


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