0-3 years old baby toys list (2): 4-9 months

0-3 years old baby toys list (2): 4-9 months

The safety principles and four basic principles of toy selection and baby's cognitive gross motor development have been explained in detail in the first article, so we will not repeat them here.

0-3 years old baby toys list (1): 0-3 months

Today I'm talking to you about 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 months baby toys!

1 The second stage characteristics (4-6 months)

3-4 months: Lifting head and shoulders for long periods of time. Rolling over and prepare to roll over.

4-5 months: Rolling over in one direction. Sitting briefly when supported.

5-6 months: To be ready to crawl and likes to make sounds. Sometimes sit unsupported for a while and roll over in both directions.

Skills to acquire at 6 months of age.

Grasping small objects.

Turns head to find source of sound.

Teething and making simple sounds.

Eating solid foods, sometimes less than normal.

Playing alone for a while.

Chewing on various objects.

Rolling over on their own.

Using their hands to explore the world.

2 Recommended toys for 4-6 months

NO.1 Manhattan Ball


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This Manhattan ball is I bought back to Ethan when he was 3 months old. He played with it until he was 10 months old and loved it. Especially after half a year old began to teething, this toy is his first choice. A small hand can easily grasp a hold, will not easily fall. Whether sitting or lying on his back, he almost always hold in his hand to chew and grind his teeth.

Although some babies will feel annoyed with it and feel no way to get down, as long as they use it, they will love it more than the average teether.

NO.2 Mushroom Silicone Chew

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This little mushroom teether is a classic among classics. If you don't want your child to hold the pacifier all the time, this teether is the perfect substitute. The child will not become too dependent. It is designed according to breast & nipple shape, makes baby feels familiar and secure to suck on. Also it is made of BPA free, super soft skin like silicone.

It is softer than pacifier, and the shape is more like mom's breast and nipple, works excellent as a soother especially for those breast feeding babies.

For 0-6 months babies, all they can do is sucking. So they start to rub on the mushroom, through rubbing and pulling to relieve teething discomfort.  

NO.3 Cloth book

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The biggest advantage of the cloth book is not torn, which is good for the control of the force of the little finger provides a good exercise material. This cloth book has a total of 6 kinds. A variety of choices.
Each book has multiple animal tails with embedded ringing paper. Promotes baby's hearing development. Colorful colors attract baby's eyes and promote vision development. Parents can learn animal sound while reading the book with the baby. Endless fun.

3 The third stage characteristics (7-9 months) 

6-7 months: independent unsupported sitting for a while, able to stand for a moment with support.

7-8 months: transfers objects from one hand to the other, develops fine finger movements, can shift from crawling to sitting 

8-9 months: Finger movements and interest in distant objects.

At 9 months of age get skills.

Looks for distant and out-of-sight objects.

Attempts to imitate speech teething.

Crawls and moves more independently.

Begins to grasp objects and tries to understand their use.


Lock cabinet doors securely and keep high places away from people Begin to pay attention to oral cleaning after teething Keep the floor clean. Don't wrap your baby in clothes that make it hard for him to stretch, dress in clothes that allow him to move flexibly, and encourage him to crawl more. 

4 Recommended toys for 7-9 months

NO1. Soothing dolls/ Towel

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Six months is a sensitive time for attachment and an important time for your baby to learn how to soothe themselves. This is the best time to introduce soothing dolls or soothing wipes. Soothing wipes/dolls are also a must for every baby in France. The soother/doll is actually a solution to the problem of not being able to quit the pacifier later. Soothers can be introduced when the baby is three months old.

The baby sleeps when stuffed into his hands. At first, you can put it on the mother, close to the breast is also better, will be stained with the mother's smell. The baby will feel more secure. After about half a month, the baby will get used to the soothing towel. Slowly you can reduce the number of times you give him a pacifier, so that the pacifier is easy to quit it. Ethan will be able to go without a pacifier once in a while and fall asleep with the soother/doll by the time he is 3.5 months old. 

NO.2 Mirror

At this time your baby is beginning to distinguish between himself and the outside world. He is beginning to recognize his own body parts, so prepare a safe mirror for him within the range of his regular activities. He will especially like it.

NO.3 Daily necessities such as telephone, remote control, tissue, pots, pans, spoons, calculators, etc.

The best toys for your baby at this time are not the ones you buy carefully, but the most common everyday objects around. Those calculators and telephones that can be pressed are best for exercising the fine motor skills of your baby's fingers. Pots and pans that bang and bang and play are the best to inspire giggles from your child. They will sit there quietly studying it for a long time!

NO.4 Touch-and-Feel Book

At this time the baby's little hands like to drill holes. Safe and hygienic cardboard books are also the most popular toys for babies to chew on. Buy a few sets of good quality hole books can be used for years.

NO.5 Walking around toys with sound and light 

At this time, babies can already crawl very fast. Prepare a baby can chase the walking sound and light toys, help the baby large motor development.

Baby will practice their fine motor skill when catch and throw the ball, And hand-eye coordination when chase the toy train. 

Activate the bump and go mode to grab your baby’s attention and encourage them to crawl or walk! Your little boy or girl will start chasing after the ball popping toy, dancing with it, singing along and having loads of fun. 

In the next article, I will recommend toys for babies from 10 to 12 months, so stay tuned!

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