Teether Review|Choking, mold, shedding, these 2 famous Teether are really a shock!

Teether Review|Choking, mold, shedding, these 2 famous Teether are really a shock!

The celebrity baby are using the famous teethers. Do you want to follow the trend to order? The actual test results are hot and heartbreaking. Choking, mold, risk of many...

These two should not buy!

Very many mothers around bought the famous teether. In fact, such a cute gadget, not to mention the baby likes it, adults are also sprouted a face.


☑Sophie la girafe ☑ Banana Baby  

But, after a deep dive into the slots you will find that who buys the pit.

Sophie la girafe 
Easy to grow mold, chirping sound is very harsh.


This cute cute deer from France. Selling point is made of natural rubber, food coloring, does not contain BPA, PVC and other harmful substances. Can also be issued from this small hole chirping sound to make the baby laugh.


In fact, the bad thing is the small hole.

During the process of chewing, the baby's saliva may flow into the hole. When cleaning, water may also flow into the hole, over time, the following situation is not impossible.

 Image from the Internet

The thought that the baby chewed and played every day with the teether, the interior may have been covered with mold, when the mother of the whole person is not good. 

When I first got the Sufi deer teether, I gently squeezed the sound is quite harsh. So the occupational disease on the body, the decibel of the chirping sound must be measured.

What is the concept of 96 decibels in an instant? Car noise is between 80-100 decibels, and a person at 90 decibels or more for a long time may lead to hearing damage.

So, an instantaneous decibel so high does not seem to make the baby laugh. The chirping instead puts them at risk of hearing damage.

Such a net influencer teether, you really want to follow the trend to buy one?

2 banana baby
Unreasonable structure, risk of suffocation

In accordance with GB6675-2014 "toy safety" standard testing found that the upper and lower parts of the baby banana teether is too long.

The above picture is the national standard requirements stencil, the height of 30 ± 0.5 mm.

The national standard requires that the length of the teether is beyond the template part is not qualified, this defect may lead to the use of baby suffocation risk ↓ How can a big brand regular imported toothbrush make such a cheap mistake? When I checked, it turned out that, although claiming to be a baby toothbrush, it followed the standard of a child's toothbrush.

Moms bought a toothbrush, to the baby is also used as a toothbrush, so the embarrassment came, toothbrush soft bristles would have been its selling point, but the baby can not avoid chewing, the laboratory torque tension test dropped 6 toothbrush bristles.

What happens if these small parts are swallowed by the baby?


In actual use, the design of the teether is based on the standard of the toothbrush, and the flaws are all exposed.

The tooth stick is too long, the toothbrush bristles are easy to fall off, and the baby who ends up paying for these design flaws is the one who can't clearly express his feelings. Thinking about it is really a cold sweat.

This kind of influencer toothbrush, you want to follow the wind to buy one?

Baby supplies almost every month will be added a few pieces, when mom and dad do not understand these products, the herd mentality often prevails. 

These two infulencer teether are expensive and sell amazingly. Why are moms and dads willing to pay for them? Because the neighbor's baby is using, many celebrity babies are also using, plus various channels of crazy group purchase, so follow the trend to buy.

In fact, raising a baby is not only physical work, but also very brain-intensive. Buy infulencer products to be cautious, not to follow the trend, not blindly, in order to minimize the cost of trial and error. To put it bluntly, it is necessary to learn more about the product information, read more authoritative buying strategies, and make up for the asymmetric information.

So the question is, what kind of teether should I buy for my baby? Pay attention to my article tomorrow to give you the answer.

The end


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