Signs that it's time to get rid of the swaddling blanket!

Signs that it's time to get rid of the swaddling blanket!

Wrapping in the first few months of life has many benefits; it provides safety and comfort, helps stabilize and establish sleep patterns.

As we all know, wrapped babies sleep better, feel less anxious, and wrapped can prevent unnecessary awakenings caused by the startle reflex.

Most parents wear diapers during the newborn period. It then begins to be phased out at about 3-4 months old. Some babies like to be wrapped after 6 months, and some babies start to struggle even before 3 months.

Newborns have a startle reflex at birth, called the Moro reflex. When they are more than 4 or 5 months old, the reflex will disappear .

For some babies, the startle reflex is still very strong when removing the swaddling blanket, they are not ready. It will only cause more frequent awakening from sleep shocks. 

However, the important thing about swaddling is to make sure you swaddle correctly, but this is another topic for the future.

If your baby is getting loose from swaddles, this does not necessarily indicate that it is time to stop swaddling. But if it causes the blankets in the crib to loosen, then this becomes a safety issue, and it is time to give up swaddle or switch to safer swaddling alternatives.

Basically, when babies start to reject them, wrapping them in swaddling can become ineffective and even risky. That being said, the best guide to know when swaddling is no longer used or when it is not safe for your baby is your baby.

Signs that it's time to get rid of the swaddling blanket!

In addition to the obvious signs that your baby is no longer sleeping like before, there are some signs that need attention:


Tummy Roller 

The Red Nose organization (previously known as SIDS and Kids), in their infant sleep guidelines recommend that babies should sleep on their backs security. We all know that this only applies to newborns. Although we hope that our babies can stay as small babies for longer, they all need to grow into strong little people, so they will soon learn to move in the crib by themselves. Before long, they were tumbling in their sleep.

At this stage, it is important that they can push themselves back or move safely with their arms. If they are still wrapped in their restrained arms, they will not be able to move freely, which becomes a safety issue. If your baby is not ready to throw away diapers, now is the time to find a safer alternative to wrap your baby.

Escape artist

Do you have a Houdini baby? This is when your baby is sleeping tightly wrapped in a quilt, and when you sits down to enjoy a good cup of tea, your baby will wake up screaming. You walk into their room and try to get them to sleep, only to find that the little monkey has slipped out of the wrap.

Well, you fix it and wrap them again and it works well, but only for a short time because you hardly know the whole cycle of breaking the diaper wrap, waking up and fixing it again is just training them to master this outstanding! Escape Artist Skill!

Before you realize it, you have reached the point where it is almost meaningless to even try to pack them again, because guess what, the nap time is over (or worse, no one has fallen asleep all night).

It’s definitely time to abandon swaddles! However, if your baby is not ready to give up swaddling, then it is time to consider changing another one.

Squirming fuss bucket

This is for your very happy baby. Who likes to play and so cute and happy when he wakes up. He suddenly fluctuates in mood. When you put him on the bed, as soon as you cover him with a swaddling blanket, he starts crying and complain.

Crying and irritability is the only way for your baby to let you know that he is dissatisfied with something. Watch out for squirming, because this is a clear sign that they are no longer satisfied with being wrapped and trying to leave there.

It is not recommended that swaddling too tight because it will cut off the circulation in the baby’s body and may cause breathing problems. In certain situations where your baby is crying and irritable, it is also important to check for other signs and symptoms to rule out that he may be sick or overtired.


This may be the easiest to detect, the reason is obvious-when your baby is after the first sleep cycle. Waking up within 20 minutes and usually unable to fall asleep again. Very depressed and crying when he wakes up. You may succeed in getting them back to sleep until you find that they wake up again soon.

Hello, sleep regression! “what are you saying?” You may or may not have heard of it, but in layman’s terms, sleep regression refers to your baby or toddler (yes, it’s not just a sleep regression—it happens at 4 months. Then any time between 9 and 12 months, then around 18 months and 2 years, so be prepared!), whoever sleeps well will suddenly start to wake up at night and/or for no apparent reason do not nap (or get up early from naps). Just when you think you are giving your baby a good nights sleep. All of a sudden, you are back in the constant night waking and non-existent nap.

But wait! What does this have to do with swaddle? It is true that although there is no connection between swaddling and the cause of sleep regression, the safety and comfort provided by swaddling can help you restless in this challenging time. Therefore, it is important to confirm that if the package is no longer effective in providing safety and comfort, then it is time to do something different or find a safe alternative to the swaddle.

What is an alternative to transportation?

The question is what is an effective substitute for swaddling? Because there are many sleep products that can be used to replace swaddlings/warps. The key factor to consider when choosing alternatives is:


  • Free or looser sleepsuits that will not restrict your baby’s arms.

This TRANSITION sleeping bag are the perfect solution for rollers, because the free movement of the arms allows babies to use their arms naturally, allowing themselves to roll back and return to a safe sleeping position.

The side swing can be removed when baby doesn’t need it. And the lower hem can be disassembled as a vest sleep bag when baby gets bigger. TRANSITION sleeping bag bring them a sense of security and comfort, and can help them fall asleep again.

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