20 baby teethers review, worth buying on 6 of them!

20 baby teethers review, worth buying on 6 of them!

Read yesterday's article (click to review) Teether Review|Choking, mold, shedding, these 2 famous Teether are really a shock!. Many people have asked me what are the best recommendations for the two popular teething gums that don't work well? 

Today's teether review, I not only recommend affordable and useful teether, but also tell you how to buy and use it to help your baby safely and comfortably through the teething period.

The 20 models are collectively bright.


1 The ultimate recommendation of 6 teething gel
Material, structure, experience are excellent

The entrance of the teether, many moms and dads are very concerned about material safety and structural safety when shopping. 6 ultimate recommended teether is how to screen out?

➊ Good teether material to be safe, 20 all pass, preferably 9

Too much intake of migratory elements can cause damage to the baby's body. For example, lead poisoning damage to children's nervous system, so the national standard on the relocatable elements in the teether toys is strictly limited. 

Migratable Limits (in μg g–1) of Eight Hazardous Elements in Toys and As Defined by the Original and Amended EC Toy Safety Directivesa

Considering that migratable elements can cause accumulation, although the detected values do not exceed the national standard. However, in order to avoid potential risks, in line with the principle of choosing the best from the best, I downgraded the 11 detected gums.

Material safety 9 dental chews excellent performance, advancing to the next round of testing. 

➋ A good teether structure should be reasonable, 8 pass.

I tested the structure of the 9 teether that passed the material safety, GB6675-2014 "toy safety" standard requires that the length of the entrance part of the teether can not exceed 3 cm, otherwise it may block the baby's throat, the risk of suffocation.

In the structural safety testing, the U.S. banana baby teether stick is too long, 6 bristles fall off in the torque tension test, poor performance, not recommended.


The other eight smoothly advanced to the next part of the test.

➌ A good teether experience should be good, and 6 get the ultimate recommendation

The main role of the teether is to massage the gums and relieve the baby's teething discomfort, so that the teether that can make the baby's mouth feel comfortable can be considered really good.

As babies are too small to express their feelings accurately, so, when buying a teether, look at the feedback from other moms and dads to avoid the pit.

Quality, structure, user experience are good, these 6 affordable and useful teether got the ultimate recommendation, according to buy is right.

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After reading the teethers review, about the selection of teethers, with the teethers, I also summarized two tips.

1.If you want to buy the teether is not measured, how to buy?

|The actual brand name of the product is not only the brand name of the product, but also the certification mark.

When buying teether, recognize the relevant certification marks, such as China's 3C certification, the EU's CE certification, Japan's ST certification, etc.

| Teether can not have easy to fall small parts, the entrance part of the length of more than 3 cm do not choose 

It is better to choose the teether with one piece of molding to prevent the small parts from being swallowed by the baby; at the same time, the national standard requires that the length of the entrance does not exceed 3 cm to avoid choking. 

|Sounding teethers should not be too harsh

To amuse the baby, moms and dads like to buy the teether that can make sound, you can listen to it before buying, if you think it is too harsh, it is not recommended to buy it to prevent damage to the baby's hearing.

2、What should I pay attention to in using the teether after choosing it?

|Use in strict accordance with the applicable age

 To avoid unnecessary injury, please do not use the teether if it is older than the upper age limit on the package.

| Do not place the teether in the freezer

Before using the teether, mothers like to freeze the teether and give it to the baby to bite, not only massaging the gums, but also reducing the swelling and astringent effect. It is worth noting that do not put the teether in the freezer to freeze it, so as not to hurt the baby too hard. 

|Clean in strict accordance with product instructions

Generally speaking, silicone can withstand high temperatures and can be cleaned and disinfected in hot water, while rubber and latex are poorly temperature resistant and cannot be disinfected at high temperatures, so scrubbing is usually recommended. Be sure to check the product's instructions and warnings and other information before use. 

|Stop using the product immediately if it is damaged 

Use of damaged teether may pinch your baby, and broken residue may be accidentally swallowed. To avoid harm to your baby, check carefully before each use.

The end

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