0-3 years old baby toys list (3): 10-12 months

0-3 years old baby toys list (3): 10-12 months

The safety principles and four basic principles of toy selection and baby's cognitive gross motor development have been explained in detail in the first article, so we will not repeat them here.

0-3 years old baby toys list (1): 0-3 months

0-3 years old baby toys list (2): 4-9 months

Today I'm talking to you about 10,11,12 months baby toys!

1 The forth stage characteristics (10-12 months)

9-10 months: smoother fingertip movements. Stands independently in a flash. Increased movement. Puts items into boxes. Grasp the items accurately that he wants.

10-11months: Longer independent battle standing. Place items in the correct position according to shape.

11-12months: Expresses what he wants and begins to walk.

At 12 months of age get skills.

Looking for the items that he wants.

When you call him from another room, he can come to you.

Says simple words like "Daddy" and "Mommy" clearly.

Learns to walk.

Pointing out where he wants to go.

2 Recommended toys for 10-12 months

NO.1 Slide

This stage of the baby most like to climb up and down, and full of energy. Really do "charge five minutes, discharge five hours", so if the home is large enough, you can prepare a small slide, in the slide around the laying of soft pads. Then let the child climb up and down the slide to discharge it!

NO.2 Music toys-Percussion toys


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At this stage, babies like to explore by tapping and clapping.

Ethan once inadvertently acquired a hand clapping drum while shopping in the supermarket, the crisp sound is very pleasant, he likes it very much and keeps giggling. Later I bought him a set of percussion instruments, and he still plays them today.

NO.3 Piano Keyboard

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The small size of this piano makes it great for little ones to explore. The piano key has 4 mode sound. This is a full-featured baby piano musical toy combining music/ song/ game/ hypnosis. And the rotating windmill and spin rattle promotes babies to develop cognitive ability and motor skill.

NO.4 Large blocks 

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By this time, babies are ready to play with larger blocks. The process of assembling and combining to promote baby creativity and exploration. At first, we recommend the silicone series. In addition to pile up, you can also be a teether bite. Such toys as silicone rainbow tower, Ethan is currently one and a half years old, still love to play.


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