About Us

I am a self-publishing creator in the mother and baby industry, with my own column and followers.

As a mom, I believe sleep is important for both moms and kids.

Parenting is one of the greatest joys in life. Loving our children is natural and intuitive but knowing how to parent them is a skill built on experience.

We have several mom communities of hundreds of people. We have been sharing all the problems we encountered during pregnancy, birth, parenting and baby's growth since we were pregnant. We talk about our own problems and learn from others' experiences to avoid less detours.

www.babysleepbetter.com is a channel that I'd like to share the results of our exchange of experiences to more new parents. A collection of hundreds of moms' parenting tips to select the best baby products worth buying.

My goal is to make this store work and provide valuable information to everyone. While also taking into consideration my responsibilities as a mother.